Susan's first role was to look over my work and find a way to improve it, and I learned she always did a sensitive read. Now I go to her whenever I need a sensitive read on anything, from my writing to the situations life hands us, and she never fails to make a wonderful contribution to the moment. I trust her instincts implicitly.
Audrey Couloumbis, author of Newbery Honor winning middle-grade novel, Getting Near to Baby (Penguin Putnam Books for Young Readers)

Your summary exceeded my expectations. It was wonderful to have someone relate storytelling fundamentals to one of my own stories--it just brought it all home. These were concepts I have read about but could never quite apply until now. Your "jacket blurb" and a one-line summary were so dead-on I had to chuckle delightedly and say out loud, "Yeah, that's what this book is about." You gave me ideas for a new beginning, ending, chapter structure, characterizations and, of course, tonality. Best of all, it seems like something I can pull off because you gave me examples of when I made those connections. I am pretty fired up to get started, which was the outcome I hoped for.
Rob Eddy, novelist

Special thanks to Susan Krawitz, whose comments gently guided me in shaping Fourteen Days to its final form.
From the acknowledgements page of Fourteen Days by Mayet Ligad Yuhico, Powerbooks Filipino author of the month for March 2011

I really appreciate all the encouragement and effort you put into this book.
Memoir writer/rock climber Lynn Hill 
(Climbing Free, W.W. Norton & Company, Inc.)

When I needed an editor for my screenplay last summer, I considered hiring a screenwriter I’d recently met. But then I remembered Susan, who has tackled many genres in her writing career, including screenplay. We’d been in critique groups together off and on for 18 years. Should I actually hire her? A friend?
Well, I did! I knew with her highly positive attitude and respect for the creative process, she’d see my screenplay’s merits and know how to make it shine, which of course, she did.  In addition to offering valuable insight into plot and character development, she provided proofreading and formatting talents as well. What I most admire about Susan is her belief that a literary work can be salvaged, reshaped, and polished until it sparkles. You just have to stick with it. Susan is a believer, and she’ll make you one, too. 
Carol Shank, children’s book author/screenwriter. Her screenplay The June Drawer was named a quarterfinalist in the 2014 Family Friendly screenwriting competition.

Susan Krawitz is that special editor who not only detects all the challenges within one's own writing (mechanics, point of view and format), but she also has an eye for theme, structure and deeper meanings within your work. During what appeared to be a routine copy-editing of my second novel, we had to change the title. Susan shared what a good title should do, capture the essence of the story and create for the reader a sense of wonder and intrigue. Then she set off to explore accepted naval terminology and came up with two words that met her criteria and gradually gained acceptance by me and my immediate coterie of fans. Susan's work is exemplary. She's very responsive to queries and because she is a writer herself, she shares with you her own insights on the art and craft of one of the most important endeavors on the planet, self-expression. I recommend her without reservations and most enthusiastically. BRAVO ZULU!
John Barell, author of Absolute Bearing

​Susan was fantastic at helping ghostwrite my memoir. She was able to pull out the important details and aid in the flow of my thoughts. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and looked forward to our calls each week. I can't wait to have something else to write about so that I can work with her again!
Jason Brinkerhoff, memoir writer

I love the changes you made with the formatting of the action scenes. It sounds much better! I often write screenplays like a book. I understand I need to keep it lean, but often get carried away.

I am very happy with the help you provided.
Joshua Asmar, screenwriter

Susan’s review covered all the bases, from nuts-and-bolts issues to story architecture. Her obvious enthusiasm and commitment to the project was mirrored by the tremendous effort evident in her suggested edits and commentary. And, all of this was per schedule. Thank you.
Mark Gordon – screenplay writer

Thank you for your insightful comments, thorough edit, and meeting of our agreed-upon deadlines. You are a delight to work with.
LynnLipinski, author of Bloodlines (Majestic Content, Oct. 2015)

I really enjoyed working with Susan. She’s an exceptional, detailed and practical editor. Not only was she able to polish and tighten my writing but she was able to help me extract the point I was trying to make. Her detailed summary notes to my memoir was incredibly helpful in finding areas needing clarification and more details. I highly recommend her editing services!  
Crystal Duffy, author of memoir, Twin to Twin